Facemasks for NHS


The government announced that Mask wearing will become optional from 19th July 2021, however we must stress that the same guidance suggests caution and recommends ongoing wearing of masks in closed spaces, small areas and where vulnerable people will be present.

As a Primary Care institute our protocols on social distancing and wearing of PPE including masks within general Practice will continue.

We kindly ask our Patients to continue to wear a face mask / Face Visor (if exempt) when entering the Practice, as we will be social distancing and wearing masks where needed and we ask you to do this for the following reasons:

  • To Protect Vulnerable patients that attend this practice that are more at risk to the Covid 19 Virus and need to access care.
  • To protect yourself from possible asymptomatic Patients carrying the Covid 19 Virus.
  • To protect the staff working at the practice.
  • To protect our Clinicians who will often be in close proximity to you during your appointment.
  • To keep the Practice open– If we suffer a COVID-19 outbreak amongst staff the practice could end up closing for a period.

Thank You for your cooperation in advance and helping to keep each other safe.

Angela Newman

Practice Manager