GP Availability

Your doctors work at the main Blackburn site at the Barbara Castle Way Health Centre and also at the branch surgery in Mellor. In addition your GP is responsible for other activities such as training other doctors or managing the health service at the Clinical Commissioning Group. This means that they are not always available to deal with patient matters all the time. There is always a doctor available for anything urgent, but it may not be your regular GP.

Barbara Castle Way site open Monday-Friday  08.00-18.30. This site also on occasional days offers earlier appointments starting at 7:30am please enquire with reception when you ring to book your appointment to check for availability.

Mellor Branch surgery open  Monday’s 08.30-16.30 /Wednesday mornings 09.30-12.00 / Friday’s 08.30-16.30

Below is a chart of when the surgery doctors are available.

Doctors Availability Days
Doctors Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr J C Randall X Mornings X Mornings        X      X
Dr N A Smith     X X Afternoon        X
Dr J Gavan     X X X
Dr J.Gavan    X    X    X
Dr G.Butterworth    X    X   XMorning
Dr Nilam Shaheen X    X
Dr Amar Ali    X    XAfternoon    X
Dr Zuber Patel    X    X    X

These days may change from time to time but these are the usual days of availability.